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Tuesday, Sep 9 2014

Two More Months To Enjoy Scott Brown's Hilarious Campaign

Sep 09, 2014

Republicans have their candidate in the New Hampshire senate race. But he’ll be the first to tell you, he’s not from New Hampshire.

Beyond that obvious shortcoming, Scott Brown comes with plenty of non-carpet baggage as well. As he enters a new stage in his disastrous attempt to become a New Hampshirite and then become a New Hampshire senator, here are the top 10 lowlights from his haphazard campaign thus far:

  1. He said, “I’m not going to create one job” as Senator of New Hampshire — although he seemed more interested in job creation in Massachusetts. [VIDEO]
  2. In an attempt to close a massive deficit among female voters, Brown awkwardly dished out “hero awards” to female supporters, at least one of whom was confused, embarrassed, and not even sure who she would vote for.
  3. He woke up to this lovely headline about sitting on the board at Kadant: “Brown’s $270K income from Mass. company exporting jobs overseas belies campaign promises”
  4. In his attempt to pander to the right during primary season, Brown made a fool of himself by denying that man-made climate change was scientifically proven — in direct contradiction with his position from 2012.
  5. He got clobbered for helping to tank Jeanne Shaheen’s bipartisan energy bill — which was supported by Kelly Ayotte — just to try to strip her of an accomplishment to run on.
  6. He abruptly resigned from an advisory role at obscure Florida-based company froom which he had received $1.3 million in stock after questions began to swirl over the business’s practices and his involvement.
  7. He hid in a restaurant bathroom to avoid answering questions about contraception and his position on the Hobby Lobby case.
  8. He forgot what state he was running in again and again.
  9. He got the worst introduction of all-time from Chris Sununu, who explained that Brown’s not a phony from Massachusetts, but in fact, “a phony from New Hampshire that just happened to live in Massachusetts for a while.”
  10. And of course, he gave a very honest analysis of his own campaign: “Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. ‘Cause, you know, whatever.”

On top of the comically poor campaign he’s run, Scott Brown is burdened by his own record of putting special interests before his own constituents. He earned distinction from Forbes as one of “Wall Street’s favorite” members of Congress thanks to his inextricable ties to the finance industry. He’s further beholden to big oil and the Koch brothers, whom he personally thanked as he asked for their continued support.

When Scott Brown was caught plagiarizing on his website in 2012, he blamed it on staffers. There is nobody to blame for this campaign’s parade of blunders but the candidate himself.

Published: Sep 9, 2014

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