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Friday, Sep 2 2016

Trump’s Senator in New Hampshire

Sep 02, 2016

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte called Donald Trump’s candidacy “a positive thing.” She’s steadfastly refused to condemn Trump’s candidacy despite a plethora of controversies. Racist attacks against a federal judge of Mexican descent, threats to abandon NATO allies, Trump’s cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin, and outrageous attacks on Gold Star parents aren’t enough to make Ayotte disavow Trump. The relationship has been a two-way street, however. Ayotte’s steady support of Trump was rewarded with a glowing endorsement last month, with the Republican nominee describing Ayotte as a “rising star”.


There’s nothing courageous about Senator Kelly Ayotte’s position on Donald Trump. The charade of “support vs. endorse” fails to convince Granite State voters that she’s not all in for Trump.


Senator Ayotte has explained that she believes in “checks and balances” as a way to restrain Trump.  Bad news for Kelly Ayotte — when it comes to the nukes, Congress’s power won’t help much.


Donald Trump is completely unfit to be Commander-In-Chief. His unpredictable temperament makes him much too dangerous to control anything, let alone the nuclear codes. By pledging her vote to him — by endorsing Trump — Kelly Ayotte makes it clear she cannot be trusted to lead either.


Ayotte can’t bring herself to say she trusts Trump with the nuclear codes, but she still plans to vote for him. Bold leadership, Senator. Ayotte’s gutless support of Trump has undoubtedly caused the GOP’s “rising star” to fade.

Published: Sep 2, 2016 | Last Modified: Jan 18, 2024

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