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News Tuesday, Mar 22 2016

Trump’s March To The Nomination Continues As The Establishment Runs Out Of Options

Mar 22, 2016


After another winner-take-all victory in Arizona, Donald Trump’s march to the GOP nomination is becoming ever more inevitable. While the Republican Establishment grasps at straws trying to deny Trump the nomination at a contested convention — and Trump predicts riots in Cleveland if they do — Ted Cruz has astutely declared, “If you want to beat him, you have to beat him at the ballot box.” Unfortunately for Cruz and his new buddies in the GOP Establishment, Trump is set to expand his delegate lead tonight despite Mitt Romney’s lightning-quick betrayal of John Kasich.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — whose policies a federal judge found systematically engaged in the racial profiling of Latinos — this week said, “Right now my mission is to get him [Trump] elected.” In addition to the endorsement of Sheriff Arpaio, Trump also picked up an endorsement from former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Widely remembered — and at the time derided — for signing into law an unconstitutional bill that required Arizona police to determine individuals’ immigration status, Brewer’s approach to law enforcement is just as pernicious as Sheriff Joe’s.

As Trump and his cohorts drag the Republican Party backward on immigration, it’s time to perform the postmortem on Reince Priebus’s 2012 “Autopsy” and its call for minority outreach and inclusion.

With Donald Trump as the presumptive standard-bearer of the party, down-ballot Republicans are in for a potentially disastrous November. Senate Republicans have all said they’d support Trump in the general election, and are purposely not doing their job and holding hearings on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee because they want Trump to nominate a justice. Speaker Paul Ryan and RNC Chairman Reince Preibus are standing shoulder to shoulder with Mitch McConnell in supporting Trump if he’s the nominee. 

Published: Mar 22, 2016

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