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News Foreign Policy Friday, Jul 29 2016

Trump's Lies About Putin Disqualify Him For President

Jul 29, 2016

It’s only been a week since Donald Trump became the official GOP nominee, but that was plenty of time for him add to the long list of reasons he fails the commander-in-chief test.

Trump’s troubling relationship with Vladimir Putin made headlines again when the nominee called for Russia to hack into more emails to improve his election chances. Now, facing harsh criticism from experts on both sides, Trump is lying about his relationship with Putin and pretending he doesn’t even know the Russian leader. The lies aren’t just hurtful to the American people — they put the country’s national security at risk.

Watch Trump talk about knowing Putin:

Donald Trump’s ignorance of foreign policy is an opportunity for Vladimir Putin — he knows that Trump would be a weak president that he could manipulate and control. This week’s news cycle on Trump and Putin is just the latest way Trump has disqualified himself for president:

Published: Jul 29, 2016

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