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News Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Trump's Liddle Man In Florida

Jun 22, 2016

With reports confirming that Marco Rubio will run to retain his Florida Senate seat, Donald Trump must be ecstatic. Rubio quickly supported Trump despite their personal and petty sniping in the GOP primary, so the two will make a fine pair on the Florida ticket — if Rubio can even get through the messy Republican primary. Donald Trump expressed his support for Marco as rumors of a run started circulating last month:

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Marco may have some L-i-d-d-l-e problems with Trump, like not believing that he’s stable enough to have the nuclear codes, but Rubio supports Trump nonetheless–even offering to speak for him at the GOP convention–and Trump sure believes in Marco. As Trump’s campaign continues it’s downward trajectory, Marco can look forward to high stakes in Florida because of Trump. Rubio faces losing twice in one cycle–quite the accomplishment for the junior senator.

Published: Jun 22, 2016

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