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News Monday, Jun 13 2016

Trump's Latest Conspiracy Theory About The President Isn't New

Jun 13, 2016

Today, Donald Trump abhorrently suggested that President Obama was somehow complicit in this weekend’s massacre in Orlando. In an interview with Fox News, Trump effectively implied that the president is secretly a Muslim and some sort of radicalized terrorist plant.

Trump has obsessed over Obama’s place of birth, religious faith, and his “true” allegiances for years. In 2011, Trump became the de facto leader of the “birther” conspiracy movement, repeatedly questioning Obama’s citizenship and openly proclaiming that “maybe [his birth certificate] says he is a Muslim.”

Trump’s latest suggestion, that the president wants terrorism to happen, is despicable, but nothing new — it’s been months in the making:

Trump in February 2016: “Maybe [Obama] doesn’t want to get rid of the problem” of terrorism.

Trump in November 2015: “[Obama] is a threat to our country.”

Trump in November 2015: On Obama’s plan to allow Syrian refugee into the U.S.: “A lot of people think it’s evil intentions.”

Trump in May 2015: “Christians can’t come into this country, but Muslims can. What’s that all about? What is that all about. Something’s got to be coming down from the top.”

Published: Jun 13, 2016

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