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News Mike Rogers Foreign Policy Wednesday, Apr 27 2016

Trump’s Foreign Policy: "Not Exactly Coherent"

Apr 27, 2016

Donald Trump delivered the first major foreign policy speech of his candidacy and the result was–to be charitable–less than impressive. Trump has relied solely on inflammatory rhetoric to energize the Republican base. That was probably a good decision as today’s disaster reveals how unprepared Trump is to approach matters of substance.


Mike Rogers, the former Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee, found Trump’s remarks to be “not exactly coherent.”




Fareed Zakaria was even less impressed with Trump’s effort, describing the speech as “rambling to the point of incoherent.”




Nick Paton Walsh, CNN’s Senior International correspondent, referred to parts of Trumps’s speech variously as “a huge exaggeration”, “not true”, “very dismissive”, “somewhat confusing”, and “emblematic of the simplification” of Trump’s approach to foreign policy.




Donald Trump’s campaign has been driven by anger and bombast. With today’s attempted pivot to more substantive issues, Trump demonstrated that his reliance on himself and “the shows” as policy advisers is ill-advised and dangerous.

Published: Apr 27, 2016 | Last Modified: Feb 7, 2024

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