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News Tuesday, Jul 25 2017

Trump’s Broken Promises Are Failing Youngstown And the Nation

Jul 25, 2017

Donald Trump is today headed to Ohio, where — despite his “we’re going to bring back jobs” promises — 8,612 workers have received pink slips since he took took office in January. Across the country, 144,752 American workers have been impacted by layoff announcements since Trump took office, and 646 Ohio workers are going to feel the effects of the Trump Economy in the next week alone.

But rather than focus on large-scale infrastructure investment, which Democrats continue to advocate, or introduce a jobs plan that’d expand opportunity for American working people, Trump is instead teaming up with congressional Republicans to take away 22 to 32 million Americans’ health insurance.

“Trump and Republicans only care about helping themselves and their corporate special interest donors. That’s why they’re ignoring layoffs that continue to happen in Ohio and across the country, and instead forcing through a healthcare bill that’d gives CEOs and billionaires like Trump huge tax cuts, while cutting off tens of millions of Americans’ health care access,” said American Bridge spokesperson Harrell Kirstein.

Here is a look at how President Trump is failing Youngstown, by the numbers
Trump Is Failing To Protect Or Bring Back American Jobs8,612 Ohioans received notice their job was being shipped overseas or was ending as part of mass-layoffs since Trump took office, even as — just this morning — Trump’s golf course announced plans to hire 10 more foreign workers. 
Breaking His Promise, Trump Is Gunning For Medicaid: Trump’s health care bill would slash $800 billion and 36,298 people in Youngstown and Ohio’s 13th Congressional District would lose health care when Trumpcare end Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion.  Trump’s promise not to cut Medicaid during the campaign was just a lie.
Trump Backs Cuts to Medicare, Breaking His Promise: Donald Trump’s promise to protect Medicare was another lie, his administration has backed a budget than cuts Medicare.
Trump Is Failing In The Fight Against Substance Abuse: Twice Trump’s opioid commission has failed to produce to a plan to fight substance abuse, and Ohio Governor Kasich called the Trumpcare funding to stem the opioid crisis “anemic” adding, “it’s like spitting in the ocean.”

Published: Jul 25, 2017

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