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News Friday, Mar 10 2017 Tracks Job Losses Under Trump

Mar 10, 2017

Ahead of Donald Trump presumably taking credit for the growing economy he inherited from President Obama this morning, American Bridge is launching — a new project for tracking job losses on Trump’s watch due to layoffs and foreign trade.

For every job Trump dishonestly claims to “save” or “create,” he’s glossing over others being lost as American workers across the country are laid off and lose their jobs to outsourcing — jobs Trump did nothing to protect and keep in the U.S.

As part of the launch, American Bridge is also kicking off a multi-state and national digital ad campaign in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, New Jersey, and Florida, to arm the American people with important statistics, and highlight the working people Trump ignores every time he takes credit for jobs he didn’t create, fails to stimulate job growth, and pretends that the economy is working for everyone.

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American Bridge Chairman David Brock issued the following statement on the launch:

“President Trump is selling out the American people with an economic agenda that rigs the system for millionaires. Since taking office, he has done nothing to create jobs or to stop them from going overseas and the American people are catching on. Trump’s economy is making outsourcing great again, and we’re going to hold him accountable for his lies, distractions, and economic failures in the White House.”

Published: Mar 10, 2017

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