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News Thursday, Apr 6 2017

Trump and Senate Republicans Nuke the Senate to Ram Through Gorsuch

Apr 06, 2017

Today, Senate Republicans destroyed over 200 years of Senate tradition to ram through Neil Gorsuch, a far-right activist judge who will do incomparable damage to ordinary Americans on the Supreme Court.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“The American people lost today, because an activist judge who will always put their constitutional rights second to his far-right, pro-business agenda has been handed a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.

“Instead of selecting a mainstream nominee, Donald Trump — with the advice and consent of conservative groups pumping $10 million into the process — chose Neil Gorsuch, who consistently sides with the wealthy and the powerful, and against working working families and women’s health care. As soon as it became clear Gorsuch is so far outside the mainstream he could never earn the standard 60 votes in the Senate, Donald Trump should have changed his nominee. And when it became clear this process was irretrievably tainted by a campaign and a presidency under FBI investigation, the Senate should have hit the breaks.

“Instead, the Republican Senate majority has bulldozed 200 years of Senate tradition to force this judge on the country. Senate Republicans’ action today undermines the foundations of bipartisanship in Congress to give Trump a blank check to enact his reckless agenda, and every single one of them is complicit in what he does next.”

Published: Apr 6, 2017

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