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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Donald Trump Mike Pompeo Monday, Apr 11 2022

Trump says Mike Pompeo won’t run against him. Mike has other plans

Apr 11, 2022

Donald J. Trump, in the Washington Post, last Wednesday:

“Other Republicans, such as Pence, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, would not want to run against him in a 2024 Republican presidential primary season, [Trump] said. None of them have ruled out challenging him.”

“If I ran, I can’t imagine they’d want to run. Some out of loyalty would have had a hard time running. I think that most of those people, and almost every name you mentioned, is there because of me.”

Mike Pompeo, at WMUR in New Hampshire, yesterday:

Anchor: Where do you stand in terms of a possible run for president in 2024?

Pompeo: “We are working, doing all the things one would do to get ready to present themselves to the United States. We will make that decision when the time is right […] I’m not gonna leave the fight.”

“If you’re going to run for president, you better have concluded that you think you’re the best person to be President of the United States. You better believe that with all your heart, and then go work to convince people […] as Susan and I think on this, work on this, pray about this, we’ll certainly do that. Our decision on whether or not we’re going to choose to enter the race will solely be dependent on whether we think this is the right moment for us to proceed in that direction.” 

Trump has already announced his intention to run for President again, but doesn’t seem quite able to clear the field… 


Published: Apr 11, 2022 | Last Modified: Apr 18, 2022

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