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News Tuesday, Apr 4 2017

Trump and Ryan are still after your healthcare

Apr 04, 2017

Reports this morning  indicate that after Trumpcare’s failure in the House and Speaker Ryan’s concession that the Affordable Care Act is “the law of the land,” the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans are meeting behind closed doors to put forward a far worse version of the bill that would not only still kick tens of millions of Americans off of their health care coverage and make health care more expensive, but would go as far as to gut protections for pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits – including hospital visits, pregnancy, and prescription drugs.

This comes after AP polling confirmed that Trumpcare was a nonstarter with the majority of the American people and Trump’s allies are needing to run ads to repair his image as a result –  less than 100 days into his presidency.

“Apparently the old plan wasn’t reckless enough for the GOP, so now they’re scheming in secret on Trumpcare 2.0 which is somehow even worse. This plan ought to be rejected just like the last one for the same reason: it would hit millions of Americans with disastrous consequences that the country can’t afford,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. 

Published: Apr 4, 2017

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