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Wednesday, Sep 7 2016

Trump: Racist, Erratic Birther; Unfit To Be Commander In Chief

Sep 07, 2016

It’s long been speculated that Donald Trump might be drawn into a war over a single tweet that he perceives as a slight. Over the weekend, we learned that he could  be similarly baited into creating an international incident over a staircase.

That’s been a pattern throughout this campaign: when Trump is questioned or challenged, he absolutely loses it.

Donald Trump has called the president “the founder of ISIS“; mocked a reporter with a disabilitysuggested that “2nd Amendment people” take action against his Democratic opponent; remorselessly attacked a Gold Star family; and even claimed that an American-born judge was inherently biased against him, on account of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

And those are just the childish outbursts against people who’ve criticized him.

Trump’s also repeatedly praised dictators; promised to bring back torture; attacked prisoners of war; said he’d use nuclear weapons, including in Europe; and time and time again proven himself to be generally erratic, petty, unstable, and lacking any semblance of self-control.

After months of immaturity and flat-out un-American rhetoric and policy proposals, Donald Trump expects to sell him as commander-in-chief material.

That isn’t happening.

Watch here:

WATCH: Trump: Erratic. Unstable. Unfit.

Published: Sep 7, 2016

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