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Tuesday, Jan 16 2024

Trump: President Jimmy Carter “Happy” Despite Death of First Lady, Rosalynn Carter

Jan 16, 2024

During a Commit to Caucus rally in Indianola on Sunday, Trump mentioned his wife attended the funeral of late First Lady Rosalynn Carter — and then immediately mocked President Jimmy Carter’s legacy as president saying Carter, who is in hospice, must be a “happy man.” The very next day, hours after more than half of Republican caucus voters delivered a statewide victory for Trump, he again mocked the legacy of the former president and disrespected the memory of the late First Lady.  

It is the second week in a row Trump has publicly mocked a deceased American icon and hero. Last weekend, Trump mocked late Senator John McCain’s injury, which he sustained as a prisoner of war. Trump’s cruel comments sparked responses from the Senator’s wife, Cindy McCain, and daughter, Meghan McCain.

“Donald Trump has operated the same way his entire four decades in public life. He doesn’t care who he insults, disrespects, or offends as long as he gets his way in the end. Nothing is sacred or off-limits for Trump, not the dead, not American icons, not even some of our most decorated veterans or the memories of our war heroes. This is the person to whom the Republican Party just handed the first state in its primary process and who, barring an act of God, will be their next nominee for president,” said American Bridge Presidential Campaigns Communications Director Brandon Weathersby. 

Published: Jan 16, 2024 | Last Modified: Jan 18, 2024

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