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News Outsourcing Monday, Sep 26 2016

Trump-Pence Loves Outsourcing

Sep 26, 2016

Donald Trump is once again talking a tough game about protecting U.S. jobs, but his and Mike Pence’s records on outsourcing don’t give either of them much credibility.

Trump and Outsourcing

Trump¬†claims he’s against outsourcing,¬†even as he profits off companies that outsource¬†— and that’s just the start of his hypocrisy on the issue. Essentially every¬†Trump-branded product is (was,¬†for the many now-defunct goods)¬†manufactured overseas;¬†from Bangladesh¬†and¬†Vietnam,¬†to¬†Honduras¬†and¬†Mexico.

And on top of that,¬†Trump¬†has also brought in thousands of foreign workers over the years, having sought “at least 1,100 foreign worker visas since 2000.” Even as he’s launched his presidential bid,¬†Trump¬†companies have continued to bring in foreign workers, including¬†at his Mar-a-Lago club¬†and¬†at¬†Trump¬†Vineyard.

Pence and Outsourcing

Pence’s¬†outsourcing record¬†is no better than¬†Trump’s: he’s approved millions in taxpayer funds for companies that outsourced or went on to outsource.

As chair of Indiana’s “jobs” agency, Pence has done a great job of creating job overseas.¬†As governor,¬†Pence¬†has approved $24 million in tax payer-funded incentives to outsourcing businesses. And least $8.7 million of those taxpayer dollars have been paid out to-date, even as the receiving companies “announced layoffs or fired more than 3,800 Indiana workers.”

In essence: Donald Trump invests his own money in outsourcing companies; Pence uses taxpayer dollars.

Watch “Trump-Pence: Make America Outsource Again!”¬†here.

Published: Sep 26, 2016

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