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Wednesday, Oct 19 2016

Trump Is An Anti-Immigrant Racist

Oct 19, 2016

Donald Trump at tonight’s debate quadrupled down on deporting immigrant families.

Donald Trump is a racist — that isn’t up for discussion. Trump began his presidential campaign by calling immigrants criminals and rapists, and he hasn’t looked back since then. “Build the wall” chants have defined his candidacy, as has his promise to create a “deportation force” that would break up immigrant families and forcibly deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

And it isn’t just undocumented immigrants. The Republican nominee has also proposed cuts to legal immigration, even as he hypocritically imports thousands of foreign workers to fill jobs at his businesses.

Even American citizens born to immigrant parents have felt Trump’s nativist wrath. He and his running mate, Mike Pence, malign and denigrate them as “anchor babies,” an unapologetically derogatory epithet. And then there’s Gonzalo Curiel, a respected, Indiana-born federal judge who Trump claims is unable to do his job because “[h]e’s a Mexican.”

Trump tweets about taco bowls and claims “I love Hispanics!” but his anti-immigrant rhetoric is dangerous, divisive, and openly racist.  Anti-immigrant demagoguery may have won Trump the hearts and minds of the Republican base and Establishment, but America is a country of immigrants and Trump’s message of division and hatred runs counter to the country’s core values and principles.

And by the way, according to Trump’s alma mater, his racist immigration plans would cost the U.S. economy at least 4 million jobs — so how’s that for making America great again?

Published: Oct 19, 2016

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