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News Friday, Oct 6 2017

Trump-Gillespie Mind Meld: Stripping Access To Birth Control

Oct 06, 2017

Last night, Trump made his support for Ed Gillespie official. But we already knew they shared the same backward and divisive agenda. Today, President Trump ended the birth control mandate in Obamacare, a move Gillespie suggested back in 2012.

In 2012, Conscious Cause was formed as an effort to rescind or revise the birth control mandate, described by Republican Strategist Mary Matalin as Ed Gillespie’s “brain child.”

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Make no mistake: Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie have reached complete mind meld – they both want to take away women’s access to birth control. Virginia women deserve to make their own health care choices–without comment from Donald Trump or Ed Gillespie.”

Published: Oct 6, 2017

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