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News Economy Tuesday, Jun 28 2016

Trump First: Trump's Economic Policies Would Help Him, But Tank The U.S. Economy

Jun 28, 2016

Who the hell cares is there’s a trade war?” That’s Donald Trump’s nuanced take on ensuring the U.S. economy’s stability.

It’s no shock that Trump doesn’t understand the dangerous implications of a trade war. But the truth is, it would leave “the U.S. economy…isolated and diminished,” according to Moody’s Analytics. And, in conjunction with the rest of Trump’s agenda, could lead to a “lengthy recession.”

A key component of Trump’s larger economic platform is his tax plan that would disproportionately boost top income earners — including the the top 0.1% — over working, middle-class families.

So, despite his claims, Trump’s policy proposals don’t put “American First”; Trump is his own number one priority.

Donald Trump’s dangerous economic ideas would jettison the U.S. economy and balloon our national debt to upwards of $11.5 trillion, all while Trump and his billionaire friends reap the benefits of his massive tax cuts on the wealthy.

Published: Jun 28, 2016

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