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Donald Trump Glenn Youngkin Wednesday, Sep 1 2021

Trump And Youngkin Spread Election Conspiracy Theories in Virginia

Sep 01, 2021

This morning, on John Fredericks’ radio show, Donald Trump once again took to the airwaves to spread the Big Lie about the 2020 election, including his performance in Virginia, where he lost by more than 10 points. Trump then floated a new conspiracy theory: the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election is in danger of being stolen from Glenn Youngkin.

This follows months of Glenn Youngkin, who has called “election integrity” the top issue in this race, spreading Trump’s Big Lie and refusing to rule out the fantasy that Trump could be reinstated to the presidency. Youngkin even spoke at an “election integrity” rally at Liberty University organized by a participant in the January 6th insurrection.

“There’s a reason Trump has endorsed Youngkin not once, not twice, but three times — and it’s not because of Glenn’s right-wing plans to ban abortiondefund Planned Parenthood, and strip funds from Virginia’s public schools,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Aidan Johnson. “Youngkin has spent months spreading the Big Lie about the 2020 election and now Donald Trump is returning the favor by jump starting conspiracies that the 2021 election will be stolen from Youngkin. Virginia voters rejected Trump and his attacks on our democracy twice before and they’ll do it again in November.” 


Published: Sep 1, 2021

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