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News Tuesday, Nov 1 2016

Todd Young Gets Fitted With His Puppet Strings Via $24.3 Million

Nov 01, 2016

More than $24.3 million from outside groups has been spent boosting up GOP Congressman Todd Young in his Senate race. Who gave the man with a 94% AFP score for the 114th Congress all of that money? Washington insiders and the Koch brothers.

Mitch McConnell’s PAC has “spent more than $10.6 million to help get Young elected” and Koch affiliated groups have funneled in $3 million on “television and digital ads, mailers and phone banking.”

The Kochs and McConnell’s cronies (aka Koch cronies) are clearly setting up Young to be another puppet for them in Washington. Hoosiers deserve someone who puts their interests first — not a special interest puppet.

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Published: Nov 1, 2016

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