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Sunday, Oct 9 2016

To Trump, Women Are Objects Used For Entertainment and Housework

Oct 09, 2016

As far as Donald Trump is concerned women are objects that exist purely to stroke his ego, entertain him, and take care of household chores and children. That has been abundantly clear throughout his entire life, let alone his presidential campaign. The release of the 2005 tape where he clearly speaks about sexually assaulting women confirms what voters have recognized in his rhetoric from the beginning: a man full of deep-seated misogyny and a total lack of respect for women as human beings. Trump has a long history of predatory behavior and this is one more example.

Trump and his campaign are doing their best to gaslight American women and rewrite recorded history, but it isn’t working. This morning, Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani tried to make it seem like the grotesque conversation was a one-time incident. It is abundantly clear that is false. There are extensive reports of Trump sexually harassing women, and he’s bragged again and again about making moves on women without their consent. Trump and the Republicans who have supported his candidacy (whether they’ve since attempted to split from him or not) are inextricably linked through November 8th and beyond. This is not a stain on the GOP —  it is the end of the party as we know it.
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Trump’s Previously Been Accused of Sexual Assault, Harassment Multiple Times:
  • Trump business partner Jill Harth sued Trump for sexual misconduct in 1992 and 1993.  The Boston Globe reported “Trump took her into an empty bedroom — the one normally used by daughter Ivanka, who at the time was 11. Trump forcibly ‘kissed, fondled, and restrained’ her from leaving, according to Harth’s suit”
  • In 1993, 22-year old Lauren Petrella said she found Trump in her bed, “unannounced and uninvited.”
  • Trump bragged to Howard Stern about going back stage at his beauty pageants to see women “standing there with no clothes.”
  • In 1997, Temple Taggart reported that Trump greeted Miss USA contestants by kissing them on the lips and otherwise gave and“unwelcome kiss” when meeting at Trump Tower.
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Trump Regularly Objectifies Women:
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Trump’s Views on Working Women, Pregnancy and More Belong in the 1950s:

Published: Oct 9, 2016

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