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News Wednesday, Apr 12 2017

A Timeline of Paul Manafort's Shady Ties to Russia

Apr 12, 2017

Donald Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort is one of the shadiest characters in the Trump orbit and that’s saying a lot. In response to the latest bombshell report on his ties to Russia, American Bridge is releasing a new timeline to highlight his long and well-documented history with Russian officials that places him at the center of the scandal that is currently the subject of multiple investigations.  
To see the new timeline, click here
“Paul Manafort is one of the shadiest characters in Trump’s orbit and these latest developments underscore that reality,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh. “Our timeline shines a bright light on his controversial background, and the facts that we’re highlighting only further strengthen the ties between Trump, Putin, and hostile Russian officials who engaged in cyber warfare to influence last year’s election.” 
Just two weeks ago, the Associated Press uncovered that Manafort worked for the Russian billionaire and top Putin ally, Oleg Deripaska, to secretly advance the interests of Vladimir Putin and implemented a political strategy to undermine anti-Russian opposition. Now, a new bombshell report confirms at least $1.2 million in payments listed in the so-called Black Ledger next to Manafort’s name were received by his consulting firm in the U.S. – providing the first piece of evidence that Manafort did in fact accept Ukrainian “blood money,” which he previously denied. 
The new timeline will dive into these latest developments while also explaining Manafort’s work for nefarious leaders like Viktor Yanukovych and Deripaska before becoming the chair of Trump’s campaign. While he was in charge of Trump’s presidential campaign, the first set of Clinton emails were stolen by Russian hackers, the Russian Ambassador met with multiple Trump aides, and the Trump campaign weakened anti-Russian language in the GOP’s platform.

Published: Apr 12, 2017

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