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The Wire Thom Tillis Wednesday, Apr 23 2014

Tillis's Electricity Tax Omission from Tuesday Night Debate

Apr 23, 2014

At last night’s Republican primary debate in the North Carolina Senate race, Thom Tillis credited low North Carolina electricity prices for growing the state’s manufacturing sector. What Tillis failed to mention in his answer, however, is that he helped push through the legislature a tax package last year that raised the combined state sales tax on electricity to 7%.

At GOP Debate Tillis Credited Low NC Electricity Prices Growing Manufacturing Sector…

Video: Tillis Said That Electricity In North Carolina Was “Some Of The Cheapest In The Southeast United States.” During a GOP Senate primary debate, Tillis said: “North Carolina has some of the cheapest electricity in the southeast United States. It’s one of the reasons why our manufacturing sector’s coming back.” [TWC News Senate Debate, 4/22/14]

…But Tillis Helped Through A Tax Plan That Increased Electricity Tax To 7%

Tax Reform Package Increased Combined Sales Tax On Electricity To 7%. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, “The plan would expand the 4.75 percent state sales tax to some service contracts and, movies and amusements. The sales tax on electricity would increase to a combined 7 percent.” [Raleigh News & Observer, 7/15/13]

  • Tax Reform Package Would “More Than Double” The Sales Tax On Electricity, To 7%. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, “The sales tax on electricity also would more than double to 7 percent, though Republican bill sponsors suggested it would have a minimal effect on monthly bills.” [Raleigh News & Observer, 7/16/13]
  • Tax Reform Package Increased State Sales Tax On Electricity And Natural Gas. According to WGHP, “Both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 998 Tuesday. The bill is also known as the Tax Simplification and Reduction Act, and it’s the result of a compromise by the House, Senate, and Governor Pat McCrory. In a press release, Senator Phil Berger said, ‘Today’s historic vote follows months of hard work and fulfills our most important promise to voters: enacting significant tax reform that makes us competitive for 21st century jobs and returns more money to North Carolina families.’ The bill would eliminate North Carolina’s three-tiered income tax code. Instead, every tax payer would pay a 5.8% income tax. The bill would also lower corporate income taxes while adding new sales taxes on electricity and natural gas as well as movies and live performances, like concerts.” [WGHP, 7/16/13]

Published: Apr 23, 2014

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