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News Friday, Mar 15 2019

Tillis slammed for “very public 180” on national emergency disapproval

Mar 15, 2019

What North Carolinians are seeing about Tillis’s “switcheroo”


Robesonian: Tillis flips, backs Trump’s declaration

  • “Tillis was among a group of GOP senators who had wavered amid concerns that Trump’s die-hard loyalty from millions of conservative voters could lead them to punish defecting lawmakers in next year’s elections.”

NC Policy Watch: Tillis flips back to Trump camp on national emergency

  • ‘I suspect that maybe some people had signaled that behavior like this may lead to being primaried,’ [Andrew Taylor, a political science professor at North Carolina State University] said. ‘He was in damage control.’”

Washington Post: Tillis’s reversal sums up state of Senate Republicans — few willing to cross Trump

  • “Tillis’s actions highlighted a hardening reality in Washington: Republicans who have real near-term political skin in the game are not willing to stand up to him.

CBC: Editorial: Sen. Tillis delivers flip-flop for the ages

  • “What Tillis says he believes and what he does are now revealed to be VERY different things – particularly when a re-election is on the line.”

News&Observer: Editorial: Thom Tillis deserts himself for Trump

  • “Fear of the president’s disapproval and the wrath of his base clearly caused Tillis’ humiliating flip-flop. After his op-ed, North Carolina Republicans let him know that not being in lockstep with Trump left him out of step with them.”
  • “Now that Thom Tillis has abandoned his principles in order to stand wherever Trump stands, there will be no need for further op-eds. We can learn what our senator thinks by reading Trump’s tweets.”

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Published: Mar 15, 2019

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