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News Wednesday, Jul 15 2015

Tillis Selling Out Seniors And Taxpayers

Jul 15, 2015

Surprise, surprise, North Carolina: Thom Tillis sold you a bill of goods. And now, he wants to make Medicaid and Medicare pay more for prescription drugs.

After disingenuously attacking then-senator Kay Hagan for ties to pharmaceutical companies in his 2014 campaign, Senator Tillis seems to have changed his tune, taking almost $60,000 in contributions from drug companies in exchange for one of the most egregious examples of water-carrying in Congress.

The junior Senator from North Carolina is using his position to include a special amendment (without any copsonsors in the Senate!) to exempt drug companies from a patent review process and drive up the purchase price of both prescription drugs for our nation’s seniors and the federal government’s Medicare and Medicaid programs. 

Funneling money to drug companies while our country’s seniors and taxpayers are left holding the bill? Careful, Thom, 2020’s coming…

Published: Jul 15, 2015

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