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News Thursday, Mar 30 2017

This is fine

Mar 30, 2017

The Trump administration is in free fall. Less than ten weeks in and already, Trump is diverting resources away from any resemblance of a policy agenda in a flailing attempt to keep himself from being so unpopular the Republican Party abandons him.  Here’s where we are:

  • A White House staff shake-up is sending a top aide to Trump’s struggling political operation and Trump allies have been forced to spend on a cynical marketing campaign propping him up in key states.
  • Donald Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any president at this time in their term, despite inheriting a growing economy from his predecessor.
  • New polling today shows that his Trumpcare push, which would have sold out the American people by taking health insurance from 26 million Americans while devastatingly increasing costs on those who could least afford it – all to grant hundreds of billions in new tax cuts for the wealthy – remains wildly unpopular.
  • All of this is happening against the backdrop of Trump going to war with his own party as we rapidly approach the deadline to avoid a government shutdown and talks to bring Trumpcare back “break down.”

“Trump is learning that he can’t hide the truth from the American people. He’s a failed manager, a failed “negotiator-in-chief,” and a failed champion of the people who he said he’d fight for on the campaign trail. Now he’s being exposed as the con-artist that he has been his entire life. The USS Donald Trump is sinking, and Republicans are going down with him,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. 

Published: Mar 30, 2017

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