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Thursday, Nov 9 2023

This F*cking Guy: Trump Bullied Jeff Sessions Out

Nov 09, 2023

This week in 2018, Jeff Sessions was forced out of his position as attorney general by Donald Trump. This was only a small piece of the Trump administration’s 92% high-level staff turnover.

Sessions delivered his resignation letter to the White House at the demand of Trump, who immediately tapped Matthew G. Whitaker — someone who echoed Trump’s complaints about the Mueller investigation — to replace him.

Sessions had recused himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and Trump’s involvement, which made him useless to protect Trump from being investigated.

Jeff Sessions’ departure stands to pale in comparison to Trump’s plans to weaponize the Department of Justice in a second term. According to reporting from the Washington Post, Trump wants the Justice Department to investigate officials and allies critical of his time in office and prosecute those he views as disloyal.

Additional reporting from the New York Times revealed Trump allies stand ready to fill a new administration with MAGA-loyalist attorneys. Without a doubt, the extremist lawyers poised to join a second Trump administration will follow his orders to federally prosecute his enemies.

In response, American Bridge 21st Century Presidential Campaigns Communication Director Brandon Weathersby released the following statement:

“Jeff Sessions’s dismissal was only a fraction of the chaos and destruction the Trump administration caused. He was just one of the many political casualties of Donald Trump’s bullying and corruption. Trump proved that he would dispose of anyone unwilling to bend the knee, and if given the chance, he’ll fill his next cabinet with people who will stop at nothing to make him happy.”

American Bridge’s “This F*cking Guy” campaign is reminding voters of key moments from Trump’s presidency as he pursues the GOP nomination in 2024. Our Trump Research Book website exists to help allies find the research needed to defeat Donald Trump. The site is organized into multiple reports designed to help tell the full story about Trump’s failed presidency and make the case against his 2024 campaign.

Published: Nov 9, 2023 | Last Modified: Nov 13, 2023

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