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This F*cking Guy Hates Women

Mar 11, 2024

During Women’s History Month, American Bridge’s This F*cking Guy campaign is revisiting Trump’s awful record with women. For decades, whether in the public eye or not, Trump has found ways to consistently degrade, demean, and attack women.

As president, Trump championed anti-women policies including steps to dramatically curtail abortion rights, rescinding protections for victims of sexual assaults on college campuses, and refusing to back equal pay legislation.

In his personal life, Trump has a long history of misogynistic statements and attacks against women — both adults and children. Trump enables his fellow abusers by surrounding himself with people like Steve Bannon and Corey Lewandoski, who have been abusive with women. In addition, Trump has defended alleged abusers including Roy Moore, Rob Porter and Brett Kavanaugh.

“Donald Trump’s presidency was a complete disaster for all Americans, and a second term would be even worse — especially for women. He’s made his intentions to ban abortion and even IVF and contraception on the federal level clear, and his handpicked Supreme Court justices have already put his radical plan in motion. Every woman in America is at risk, and it’s personal. This election, women are the key to defeating Donald Trump and re-electing President Biden and Vice President Harris in November,” said American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Cecile Richards.
Trump’s Record of Anti-Reproductive Health Policy & Failing to Protect Women 

Trump’s History of Abuse Towards Women

Trump Enabling Abusers 


Published: Mar 11, 2024 | Last Modified: Mar 20, 2024

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