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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Donald Trump Friday, Jun 16 2023

THIS F*CKING GUY: American Bridge’s Latest Campaign to Hold Donald Trump Accountable

Jun 16, 2023


Today marks the eighth anniversary of Donald Trump’s infamous descent on his golden escalator in Trump Tower to announce his first run for president in a hateful, xenophobic speech.

Eight years after that absurd escalator ride, Donald Trump still dominates the news cycle. This week, he appeared in court for his second arraignment this year in the classified documents case. This ongoing legal drama gives Americans a reminder of the daily chaos of the Trump administration. Trump spent his four years in office sowing bigotry, chaos, and indisputable harm on the country he inherited. Every day of his presidency brought a new scandal, failure, or broken promise.

A second term for Donald Trump would be completely catastrophic. That’s why American Bridge is digging deep into Trump’s actions, reminding the public and reporters alike of the daily chaos that Trump created when he was president, and launching a brand new campaign: This F*cking Guy. 

“From his tax scam to his attacks on health care to that weird orb thing, this f*cking guy created daily disasters when he was president — Americans don’t have the energy to deal with another four years of it,” said American Bridge President Pat Dennis. “It’s easy to forget the unnecessary drama that Donald Trump and his clown car of shady associates created on a regular basis because we’ve been experiencing the benefits of President Biden’s responsible leadership. American Bridge is going to take charge in reminding everyone just how annoying and anxiety-raising the Trump years were as voters head to the ballot box next November.”

As part of this campaign, American Bridge will be uplifting and highlighting key dates from the Trump presidency like the Affordable Care Act repeal attempt, Trump’s botched Hurricane Maria responseCharlottesville, the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord, Trump’s meetings with Kim Jong Un, and more.

In addition, American Bridge is also digging into the new shady characters Trump is hiring for his 2024 campaign and will be updating the Trump research book weekly. 

Originally launched before the 2020 election, American Bridge’s Trump Research Book website exists to help allies find the research needed to defeat Donald Trump. The site is organized into multiple reports designed to help tell the full story about Trump’s failed presidency and make the case against his 2024 campaign.

Published: Jun 16, 2023 | Last Modified: Jun 21, 2023

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