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News Thursday, Jan 12 2017

The Reviews of Trump's Phony Plan To Profit From Presidency Are Brutal

Jan 12, 2017

Americans are seeing Donald Trump’s decision to keep his massive conflicts of interest for what it is: A phony plan cooked up by his lackeys that allows Trump to profit from the presidency starting on Day One.

The non-partisan Director of the Office of Government Ethics blasted Trump’s scheme as “wholly inadequate” and said, “We can’t risk the perception that government leaders would use their official positions for professional profit.”

Not only will Trump be able to use his presidency for profit, he even admitted his sons are merely running his business until he’s out of the White House in four years, where he’ll continue to reap profits from his administration.

Statement from American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:
“It’s clear from Donald Trump’s disastrous press conference that he fully intends to cash in on his presidency. Following a shameless display of theatrics, Trump refused to separate himself from his business interests and sell off his ownership of the Trump Organization. He sent a clear message to the American people that he fully intends to use his presidency to enrich himself and his family — he’s just waiting 4 years to cash the checks.

“The American people deserve better than Donald Trump’s unethical, unconstitutional behavior. Until Trump sells his stake in the Trump Organization, he is in clear violation of his responsibilities to the people of this country and his duty to uphold the Constitution.”

Calling BS On Trump Refusing To Sell His Stake:
Ali Velshi, MSNBC“Basically he laid out a big fat nothing cake…we’re no further than we were a month ago.”

Ari Melber, NBC: “He should release, not only the tax returns, but all outstanding debts. What state, foreign company foreign banks does he owe? We don’t know.”

Laurence Tribe
: “Trump’s announced structure is cleverly designed to dazzle and deceive, but it solves none of the serious ethical or legal issues.”

Dan Abrams, ABC
: “He’s still subject to litigation, so if someone is suing the company, Donald Trump still has to be involved in that litigation. That’s a big deal.”

Willie Geist, MSNBC
: “One other problem. The Ethics Adviser that is going to be appointed will be paid and approved by Donald trump. That person will know that his future relies on pleasing the boss.”

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Published: Jan 12, 2017

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