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News Saturday, Jun 11 2016

The Old Trump Is Back

Jun 11, 2016

In Tampa Bay today, Donald Trump said, “[T]he ‘Trump Train’ is going 600 miles-an-hour, folks” — and after a speech, full of tangential, rambling musings and unapologetic racial slurs, Trump made it clear that his proverbial train is back off the rails.

The old Donald is back, and he’s as unfit to be commander in chief as ever.

Here are Trump’s Tampa Bay lowlights:

Trump insists he isn’t racist: “I love the Mexican people. I have so many Mexicans working for me.”

Trump returns to his one of his favorite slurs: “Pocahontas.” 

Trump mimes shooting a gun: “Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.”

Trump gets back to bashing Mitt Romney: “I watched this poor, sad Mitt Romney this morning. ‘He suffers from misogynists,’ I don’t think he knows what misogynists is. He suffers from — and he’s sitting like a real stiff.”

Trump’s rediscovers his favorite passtime: Mocking Jeb Bush.

Trump finds a new ethnic group to stereotype: “The Persians — they’re great negotiators.”

Published: Jun 11, 2016

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