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Press Releases Frank LaRose Monday, Jul 17 2023

The Ohio GOP Senate Primary Keeps Getting Messier as Frank LaRose Announces Senate Bid

Jul 17, 2023

Just as expected, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced his bid for the Ohio GOP Senate nomination, setting the stage for a costly and bruising primary in the Buckeye State. Following the news, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Before Frank LaRose even officially got in the race, he had made a big mess for himself. He’s already in trouble with his own base after bashing their leader Donald Trump and now he’s pissing off general election voters as he and his allies push to pass Issue 1 in August. I think it’s pretty clear we won’t be seeing LaRose in the Senate anytime soon.”

Leading up to his announcement, LaRose has been hard at work bending the rules for his supporters and gearing up for an August special election to try and stop Ohioans from having the right to an abortion. It’s not just the general where LaRose is going to have a hard time explaining his actions to voters; he’s also been exposed for belittling Donald Trump behind closed doors, telling Republicans that the former president’s endorsement “doesn’t carry the same weight it used to.” Something that won’t sit well with the GOP base.

Published: Jul 17, 2023

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