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AB Leadership Jessica Floyd Friday, Jul 30 2021

ICYMI: The Midterms Will Be Crucial for Women. Why Are So Many Disengaged?

Jul 30, 2021

Today, in a new interview with Politico MagazineAmerican Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd, Collective PAC Co-Founder and Senior Adviser Stephanie Brown James, and Voto Latino CEO and Co-Founder Maria Teresa Kumar detail how progressive organizations will reach a diverse group of women voters who will play a pivotal role in deciding the 2022 midterm elections. 

From the Politico Magazine interview:

When we think about suburban women, there are really two groups that we’re looking at. [First] is persuasion audiences — persuading people who might go back to the Republican Party. […] We need to make sure that they understand that the Republican Party is still the party of Trump, and whether or not any of these Republicans seem as chaotic as Donald Trump or seem quite as out of step with them on policies, they actually are further and further out of step with suburban voters and particularly with women. The second group is women who, if they vote, they’re going they’re likely to vote Democratic, but not guaranteed to. And we need to persuade them to remain engaged in a post-Trump world.

the economy is [issue] number one, two, three and four for women because we know that women bore the brunt of this economic decline — particularly women of color and particularly mothers who had to leave the workforce. And so one of the things that’s really on our side is that Biden and Democrats are crafting entire policies to try to solve for these systemic realities that weren’t caused by Covid, but were exacerbated and sort of had the curtain pulled back on them. And we just need to be communicating that.

[…] I think that what we need to be doing is not just letting the policies speak for themselves, but really be evangelists for who got this done and who tried to stand in the way. By the way, every single congressional Republican voted against every single benefit that we’ve gotten during the Biden administration. And that’s a story we need to tell. …

– American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd

In order to maintain and grow their majorities in Congress, Democrats will have to effectively communicate their accomplishments to the women who delivered victories for the party in 2018 and 2020. In-depth research from American Bridge 21st Century in key battleground states shows that these voters trust President Biden over Republicans and emphasizes Democrats will have to educate these voters on the proposals they care about, like the Child Tax Credit, which will be made permanent under the Building Back Together Agenda. 

Read the full story here.

Published: Jul 30, 2021

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