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News Monday, Nov 7 2016

The Hateful 8: Washington Insider Richard Burr's Worst Headlines

Nov 07, 2016

Senator Richard Burr has fumbled his way through the election, repeatedly making headlines for his Trumpian actions and Washington insider record. Here are the worst ones we’ve seen so far — most within just the last few weeks:

1. CNN releases audio of Burr joking about shooting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton:
2. McClatchy DC and The Raleigh News & Observer article details Burr’s tight-knit connections with Big Energy. Of the hundreds and thousands the GOP senator has raked in over the years, Burr’s received at least $88,000 from the coal industry in just the last year“North Carolina has no active coal mines.”
3. Like GOP presidential nominee, like GOP senatorial nominee. Last week, Senator Burr made a very Trumpian move when he banned the News & Observer from covering his campaign.
4. McClatchy DC reports on Burr’s 2005 efforts to make it easier to export uranium with the same radiation levels used to make nuclear bombs.
5. Paris! Marseilles! Prague! Oh my! The Huffington Post reports that Burr and his wife were sent on luxury European vacations all on corporate dimes. The trips cost more than $100,000, showing Burr knows exactly how to make Washington work for him.
6. Trump University style for-profit colleges that regularly scam Americans out of their hard earned money have donated $40,000 to Burr since 2009, according to McClatchy DC.
7. Burr skipped roughly two-thirds of committee hearings, including 65% of Armed Sevices Committee hearings, reports the Daily Kos.
8. Senator Richard Burr hasn’t just built his personal wealth on taxpayer’s time — he’s built his families too. McClatchy DC reports, “Burr’s political committees have paid nearly $200,000 over the last 16 years to his in-laws and a firm employing his son for office rent and administrative services.”

Published: Nov 7, 2016

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