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Tuesday, Jan 18 2022

The Grand Obstructionist Party

Jan 18, 2022

“It Bothered Me That They Were Ok With That”: Senate Republicans’ Only Goal Is Obstruction

Chris Sununu: Senate Republicans “were all, for the most part, content with the speed at which they weren’t doing anything”

In a damning interview with the Washington Examiner, Chris Sununu explains why he decided to spurn Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott’s pleas for him to run for the U.S. Senate, saying that it “bothered him” that Senate Republicans he’s spoken to have no plan and “no answer” as to their future policy priorities beyond a continued focus on obstructionism and not “doing anything.”

Last May, McConnell pledged to be “100 percent” focused on “stopping” President Joe Biden’s agendaAnd true to that promise, Senate Republicans have “pray[ed] for gridlock” over the past year, repeatedly opposing, blocking, or trying to block Democratic plans to cut taxes for 36 million families; strengthen election and voting rights; and lower prescription drug, health care, and child care costs for families.

Key points from the Washington Examiner:

  • “‘They were all, for the most part, content with the speed at which they weren’t doing anything. It was very clear that we just have to hold the line for two years. OK, so I’m just going to be a roadblock for two years. That’s not what I do,’ Sununu said.”
  • “The governor said the message from virtually every GOP senator he chatted with — and he chatted with most of them — was that they plan to do little more with the majority they are fighting to win this November than obstruct President Joe Biden until, ‘hopefully,’ 2024 ushers a Republican into the White House. ‘It bothered me that they were OK with that,’ Sununu said.”
  • “More than that, Sununu was ‘bothered’ by Republicans’ seeming inability to answer this question: ‘I said, “OK, so if we’re going to get stuff done if we win the White House back, why didn’t you do it in 2017 and 2018?”’ How did the Republicans Sununu spoke with answer his challenge? ‘Crickets. Yeah, crickets,’ the governor said. ‘They had no answer.’”


Published: Jan 18, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 17, 2022

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