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Tuesday, Sep 9 2014

The GOP Has a "New" Front-runner for 2016

Sep 09, 2014

After two straight landslide defeats in presidential election, the Republican Party found itself in desperate need of a fresh face with new ideas and broader appeal moving toward 2016.

Simply put, they need a top tier candidate. But as political forecaster Larry Sabato summed up last week:

It’s lonely at the top of the Republican field — like, “top of Mt. Everest” lonely. In our latest shuffle of the 2016 Crystal Ball presidential outlook, we’ve decided that the Republican first tier is…empty. Our Republican friends might object, but deep down, we think they would be hard-pressed to argue for any single name to head this long list.”

All the theoretical GOP front-runners are tainted. Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Rick Perry are mired in scandal. Rand Paul’s political backflips have been dizzying, leading even conservative pundits to raise the question: “Is he jettisoning his worldview to revive a presidential campaign?”

So what savior can be that fresh face that rescues the party for 2016? Why, Mitt Romney of course! You may recall him from his defeat in the 2008 GOP primary, or from his general election shellacking in 2012. But with a complete dearth of serious candidates, what other choice do Republicans have?

So as more and more GOP-ers take the car elevator back to the Mitt Romney bandwagon, let it be known that he indeed has at least some crossover appeal — American Bridge’s own Brad Woodhouse has already endorsed his candidacy. Run, Mitt, run!

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Published: Sep 9, 2014

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