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News Press Releases Donald Trump Thursday, Feb 29 2024

The F*cking Guy Closed Black History Month With His Most Racist Speech

Feb 29, 2024

For Black History Month, American Bridge’s This F*cking Guy campaign spent all of February focused on Donald Trump’s long history of racism.

From his days as a New York developer discriminating against Black tenants to leading racist birther conspiracies against President Obama, Trump’s attitude toward Black Americans is incredibly consistent – and racist. In a speech to the Black Conservative Federation last Friday, Trump underscored his four decades of racism better than we ever could by giving one of the most racist speeches of his political career.

American Bridge compiled some of the most racist comments from Trump’s speech – while leaving several offensive remarks on the cutting room floor – to commemorate Trump celebrating Black History Month the only way he knows how: using Black people to get what he wants.
Screenshot of “Trump Celebrates Black History Month” 

“Trump’s speech included some of the most racist remarks uttered by a major party’s presidential front-runner in modern politics. Given Trump’s decades-long history of racism towards Black Americans, we aren’t surprised to see him engage in a transparently condescending and transactional approach to Black voter outreach. At a time when Americans need unity, Trump is someone who uses racism as a tool to divide Americans and serve himself. He’s proven once again that he is a racist who cannot be president,” said American Bridge 21st Century Presidential Campaign Communications Director, Brandon Weathersby.   

Published: Feb 29, 2024 | Last Modified: Mar 4, 2024

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