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Wednesday, Nov 2 2011

Texas Tribune: UT/TT Poll: Most Texans Don't Credit Perry on Economy

Nov 02, 2011

On November 1, 2011, the Texas Tribune reported:

A key part of Gov. Rick Perry’s pitch to Republican presidential primary voters is the performance of the state’s economy — especially in job creation — during his tenure as governor. But Texas voters, for the most part, are more likely to see him as a bystander to the state’s success than its driver, according to the new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.

Asked about the factors behind the state economy’s relative strength, 65 percent of those responding attributed it to long-standing advantages such as the state’s wealth of natural resources, its balanced budget, the absence of a state personal income tax and a lenient regulatory environment. Another 21 percent cited Perry’s leadership in promoting lower taxes, lenient regulation and small government as the main reason the Texas economy has fared better than the national economy.

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Published: Nov 2, 2011

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