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Wednesday, May 30 2012

Tell Mitt Romney: Fire "The Donald"

May 30, 2012

Donald Trump and his birther conspiracies just helped Mitt Romney raise more than $2 million at a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Even by Vegas standards, that’s an awfully big pay off — but every single dollar Romney raised is tainted with the dishonesty and bigotry of Trump’s lies.

It’s hard to imagine a worse gamble, and it’s time for Mitt Romney to put his love of firing people into action. Join us in calling for Mitt Romney to fire The Donald.

Donald Trump is ridiculous. In fact, it’s hard to believe that Romney believes half of what Trump says in his unhinged rants.

But that doesn’t mean Trump’s brand of crazy isn’t dangerous.

The longer Mitt uses Trump to raise money from the political gutter, the more damage they both can do.

Visit and call on Romney to show some leadership and Fire The Donald today.

Published: May 30, 2012

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