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News Thursday, Feb 4 2016

Ted Cruz's Trump-Inspired Drug Epidemic "Solution": The Wall

Feb 04, 2016

Donald Trump has made his candidacy about anti-immigrant xenophobia — promises to “build the wall” and finally stop the immigrants who he claims are, among other things, “bringing drugs.”

Eight months later, Donald Trump’s still running in first place and the rest of the field is continuing to chase him on immigration — Ted Cruz more than almost anyone else.

Today, Cruz found a novel, new issue to inject Trump’s trademarked anti-immigrant demagoguery into: substance abuse. What’s Cruz’s policy proposal, rather than provide adequate funds to pursue treatment programs and other solutions?

If we want to turn around the drug crisis we have got to finally and permanently secure the border,” Mr. Cruz said. “We need to solve this problem, we need to build this wall.”

Cruz may have beaten out Trump in Iowa, but he’s still about 22% behind Trump in New Hampshire, and showing no sign of backing off his Trump-inspired, anti-immigrant rhetoric and policy proposals. Rest assured, it’s still the Party of Trump.

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Published: Feb 4, 2016

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