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News Press Releases Ted Cruz Reproductive Rights Friday, Mar 22 2024

Ted Cruz’s Response to Alabama’s IVF Case Is a Lie. Shocking.

Mar 22, 2024

On Wednesday, in a Senate hearing, Ted Cruz made his first significant public comments about the Alabama Supreme Court decision that classified embryos as human children and blocked families’ access to IVF treatment in the state.

Republicans have been wringing their hands for weeks about trying to balance supporting Donald Trump — the leader of the anti-choice movement in the United States — with the reality that almost all Americans do not support their decision.

Enter Ted Cruz. Or Lyin’ Ted, as Trump used to call him before Cruz groveled enough to get back in his good graces. In his first major remarks on the Alabama IVF case, Cruz flat-out lied.


The Alabama Supreme Court decision was not a decision striking down IVF,” said Cruz, bizarrely and incorrectly, on Wednesday. “It was a decision in defense of preserving IVF.

Why even bother lying about this? It makes no sense — unless you’re as delusional and selfish as Ted Cruz. Or if one of your friends, like Cruz’s former delegate Tom Parker, is the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Published: Mar 22, 2024

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