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News Tuesday, Mar 29 2016

Ted "Carpet Bomb" Cruz Wants Police To Occupy "Muslim Neighborhoods"

Mar 29, 2016

Ted Cruz doubled down on his call to police Muslim neighborhoods at tonight’sCNN town hall. That’s right: We’ve gotten to the point in the 2016 campaign where Ted Cruz is giving Donald Trump notes on how to be more discriminatory and divisive. Last fall, it was the other way around, when Cruz voted against rejecting Donald Trump’s proposed ban on all Muslims entering the United States. Taking matters into his own hands, Cruz also proposed a bill that mirrored Trump’s anti-Muslim ban and would have effectively banned Muslim Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

Now, Ted Cruz has fully come into his own as a nativist GOP thought-leader. Cruz’s call for the police occupation of “Muslim neighborhoods,” looks to steal away some xenophobe votes from Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly, Trump was excited about Cruz’s proposal: “a good idea,” he said.

But Cruz’s history of fear-mongering goes back much further. In December, Cruz called for the indiscriminate “carpet bombing” of civilian-populated areas — a war crime — saying, “I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out!” Cruz has repeated the repeated the misguided proposal on numerous occasions since, despite having his plan widely condemned and ridiculed by generals and others.

Ted Cruz has consistently failed to display sound judgement. He’s done nothing but prove his ability to divide and incite fear and hatred. That’s not what a commander in chief looks like.

Published: Mar 29, 2016

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