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Wednesday, May 18 2022

North Carolina Republicans On Ted Budd:
The “Poster Boy For Everything That’s Wrong With Washington.”

May 18, 2022

With former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory pointedly refusing to support his primary opponent and Republicans’ U.S. Senate nominee Ted Budd, American Bridge 21st Century today released a video recapping McCrory and Mark Walker’s GOP primary attacks against Budd and his character.


  • Budd has regularly voted against North Carolinians’ best interests, and both McCrory and Walker have slammed him for accomplishing, as McCrory put it, “nothing during his six years in the U.S. Congress,” with Walker noting Budd has “never passed anything.” 
  • Walker ripped Budd for relying on millions in outside spending from corporate billionaires and questioned whether Budd’s allegiance would be to “the people or the D.C. special interests” boosting his campaign.
  • McCrory highlighted that Budd can’t be trusted because if he is “willing to lie to become U.S. Senator, most likely you’ll lie as a U.S. Senator.”
  • If, after all of that, North Carolinians still think they can trust Budd, McCrory summed things up in very clear terms: “Ted Budd is the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with Washington.”

Read our statement on the North Carolina GOP U.S. Senate primary results, plus an overview of why Ted Budd is wrong for North Carolina, here.


Published: May 18, 2022 | Last Modified: May 20, 2022

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