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Friday, Oct 30 2015

Team Rubio Concedes Study Exaggerates "Progressivity" Of His Tax Plan

Oct 30, 2015

For all Marco Rubio’s faux-outrage over his tax-policy debate confrontation with John Harwood, turns out Harwood was right after all. And Rubio’s campaign admits that the cited study actually exaggerates his plan’s progressivity.


Here are two big takeaways from a Vox breakdown of Rubio’s plan:


First of all, Harwood was right: The top 1% of income earners get a disproportionate increase in after-tax income, as compared with the middle class.


Secondly, Rubio’s own campaign admits that the Tax Foundation assessment Harwood cited is overly generous, due to flawed assumptions. In other words: Rubio’s tax plan would produce less of a boost for the bottom 10% of income-earners than the study suggests.


So here’s the upshot:


Rubio was correct that the Tax Foundation analysis showed lower income-earners get more of an income boost than do top income-earners, but Rubio’s own campaign admits the study exaggerates the extent.

Published: Oct 30, 2015

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