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News Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Tax-Dodging Scam Artist Has Bad Judgment

Oct 09, 2016

Donald Trump’s breathtaking $916 million loss in the early 1990’s (that might’ve allowed him to pay zero federal income taxes for 18 years) wasn’t the result of a poor economy as he often claims: it was the result of mistakes, poor decisions, and risky gambles.

We already knew Trump didn’t pay hundreds of workers and contractors, but even those sleazy business practices weren’t enough to overcome Trump’s deficiencies as a businessman.

Donald Trump is nothing but a simple con-man, ripping off workers and bouncing from one grift to the next. From Trump Vitamins to Trump University, Trump left a wake of ripped-off workers, investors, and clients in his orange wake.

Trump isn’t a brilliant businessman. He’s declared multiple bankruptcies while scamming investors and workers along the way. If Trump had just invested in index funds, he’d be a hell of a lot wealthier.

Published: Oct 9, 2016

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