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Tuesday, Mar 20 2018

Tarkanian Blasts Heller For "Fake News And Lies… About A Fellow Republican"

Mar 20, 2018

Fresh after bowing out of the Nevada GOP Senate primary, Danny Tarkanian attacked Dean Heller in brutal terms, calling him out for lying, flip-flopping, and taking politically convenient positions:

On the Michael Castner Show on 840 AM: “It’s all fake news and lies, I discussed this earlier with you on your show. when anybody who understands the circumstances — when I go out and speak to the, whether its women’s clubs or the men’s clubs on the Republican side,  I explain what happened and every single person, there are gasps that this allegation could be made, and how low somebody has to be to make these kinds of allegations, so that’s the worst thing about Dean Heller and his campaigns, are the lies they made up in a Republican primary about a fellow Republican.”

On the Lars Larson Show: “Dean Heller wants to give citizenship to 15 million illegal immigrants. And I was told, well, Dean Heller’s position now is that he changed his mind and he’s in line with the President. And the President’s going to say that.”

“With Tarkanian in the race, Dean Heller spent the last year with a finger in the wind, flip-flopping back and forth on every issue important to Nevadans, from taxes to health care and immigration — and Heller’s reputation is irreparably damaged. And Heller’s headache isn’t over, now that Tarkanian is continuing to brutally attack Heller’s credibility with his base,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Published: Mar 20, 2018

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