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News Sunday, Aug 7 2016

Angry Unhinged Buddies Take The Granite State By Storm

New Hampshire State Rep. Al Baldasaro, who made national news a couple weeks ago calling for Hillary Clinton to be…

News Tuesday, Jul 26 2016

Donald Trump's History Of Firing, Disparaging, And Fleecing Veterans

Donald Trump -- whose campaign's veterans adviser has repeatedly called for Hillary Clinton's execution -- talks a big game when it comes…

News Monday, Jul 11 2016

*Some Restrictions May Apply

Trump: Everyone will be protected equally and treated justly, without prejudice.* * Offer of non-prejudicial treatment does not apply to: Soldiers…

News Monday, Jul 11 2016

Winning With Veterans: Trump Opposes The GI Bill

Donald Trump regularly promises that under his leadership we're going to "win with veterans". Trump's record, however, shows an uniformed…

News Monday, Jul 11 2016

Trump Never Enlisted, But He Did "Feel Like A Great And Very Brave Soldier"

Donald Trump today had a lot of lip service about his respect for American servicemembers and veterans, but his sad…

News Tuesday, May 31 2016

Reminder: Johnson Aides Ignored Tomah VA Tips, Senator Blamed "Job Interviews and Stuff"

Senator Ron Johnson is still trying to pawn off the blame for the issues at the Tomah VA that lead…

News Tuesday, May 31 2016

Trump's Military Record

“I always thought I was in the military. I felt like I was in the military in a true sense."…

News Tuesday, May 24 2016

Trump Rages At Calls For Veteran Donation Accountability

Donald Trump is fuming following a series of reports showing that the blustering billionaire likely hasn't made good on his…

News Monday, May 23 2016

Will Trump Make Good On The $6 Million He Lied About Raising For Veterans?

  Will Trump Make Good On The $6 Million He Lied About Raising For Veterans?     And where's the…

News Thursday, Feb 25 2016

McCain Has "Basically Done Nothing" To Help Tuscon VA Crisis

SHOT: KGUN 9: McCain cites the KGUN 9 investigation in a letter sent to Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald urging…

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