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Friday, Nov 18 2016

Trump U Lawsuits Not The Last For Trump White House

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Donald Trump settling the Trump University fraud suits for $25 million this afternoon: "Donald Trump said he doesn't believe in settling cases "when [he's] right." Trump's not "right" in the Trump University fraud suits and now, he's paying for it. But this will not be the only legal battle we see during Trump's presidency -- he's still…

Monday, Jul 11 2016

Why Won't Toomey Divest From For-Profit College?

Senator Pat Toomey has invested in and sat on the board of Yorktown University. The for-profit college is known for its "courses that…

Tuesday, Jun 21 2016

Trump's Business: Ruthlessly Exploiting Working Americans To Enrich Himself

Donald Trump has made his business career a cornerstone of his appeal to voters. Despite Trump's bluster, scrutiny of his…

Tuesday, Jun 14 2016

Trump Deleted Emails Sought As Evidence In Lawsuit

Donald Trump, notorious litigant and presumptive Republican presidential nominee, routinely deleted business-related email correspondences. This practice became problematic in 2006…

Tuesday, Jun 14 2016

Trump U Fraud Case Judge Curiel's Home-State Governor Stands With Trump

Donald Trump has for months attacked Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the judge presiding over the Trump University fraud case. Trump's attacks on Curiel have…

Wednesday, Jun 8 2016

Trump Surrogate Still All-In On Judge Curiel's "Mexican Heritage"

Appearing on CNN's "At This Hour" earlier today, Trump Surrogate Carl Higbie stayed on message as he reiterated the Trump…

Friday, Jun 3 2016

"He's A Mexican." Trump Continues Racist Attacks On Judge In Trump U Fraud Case

In a new interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Donald Trump definitively exposes himself as a shameless racist. Trump continued his racist…

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