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The Wire Tuesday, Jun 10 2014

Chris Christie And Curious The Case Of The Disappearing Taxpayer Money

Just throw it on my tab! That's Chris Christie's message to New Jersey taxpayers, as his self-exoneration bill keeps climbing and climbing. New documents yesterday showed that through February, New Jersey has been billed over $3 million so that the Governor can "clear" himself of wrongdoing in his bridge fiasco. It's a feeble attempt to rehabilitate an image that has been tarnished not only by scandal, but also by economic failures. But Christie has shown time and time again that his image comes before the well-being of his constituents. Just a few weeks ago it came to light that Christie gave significant raises to his own staffers, especially those who helped boost his image during his 2013 re-election, while he ransacked pension funds due to his own massive budget shortfall. What's more, in October, Christie wasted $24 million in taxpayer money to hold a special Senate election, rather than just holding it concurrently with the gubernatorial election three weeks later. Why? He was worried that having Cory Booker on the same ballot as him would shrink his margin of victory. For a guy who was supposed to be a fiscal conservative, Chris Christie has been extremely liberal about throwing taxpayer money around--as long as it's to his personal benefit.

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