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Friday, Aug 12 2011

MEMO: Some Things To Consider As You Cover Rick Perry

Like his campaign predecessors Fred Thompson and Jon Huntsman, Gov. Rick Perry’s imminent announcement has inspired buzz and high expectations. Dissatisfied Republicans are in a frenzy over the GOP’s “next big thing.” Unfortunately though they fail to look past the glamour of a budding campaign and see who the candidate really is. We know political journalists will not do the same. Just as Fred Thompson failed to live up to the mythology surrounding his candidacy, America will soon discover Rick Perry is not what he seems. When the excitement around Perry inevitably dies down, as it did with Huntsman, an inherently flawed candidate will emerge. After the jump, some basic information to help guide you as you write about Rick Perry’s record in Texas, along with some important questions we hope this new presidential candidate will answer in the very near future.

Friday, Aug 12 2011

Rick Perry's Capital Of Cronyism

In Texas, It Pays To Know Rick Perry

In Rick Perry’s office, the revolving door spins both ways: Perry has recruited several senior staffers from the ranks of Austin’s lobbying community, and at least 17 of his former aides have left for lobbying careers. Being close to Perry has its benefits – Perry had appointed nearly a thousand of his donors to boards and commissions, has supported legislation on their behalf, and directed large business incentive grants to their companies. Even Perry himself has profited, thanks to questionable stock and real estate investments involving close allies.

Detailed research after the jump.

Tuesday, Aug 2 2011

Dallas Morning News: Democrats Itch To See Texas Gov. Rick Perry In White House Hunt

On August 2, 2011, the Dallas Morning News reported:

Democratic operatives outside Austin are also scouring Perry’s record. Last week, American Bridge 21st Century — a liberal PAC formed to raise and spend unlimited money in the 2012 elections — flagged a new report that Texas had 86 mass layoffs in June, up from 50 in May, with a substantial uptick in initial jobless claims. “Rick Perry is the flavor of month” in a “weak, uninspiring field” of Republicans, said Rodell Mollineau, president of American Bridge. “Once the American people realize that his economic record as governor is based on smoke and mirrors, and his social record is miles out of the mainstream, his campaign will become an historical footnote just like Fred Thompson’s and Rudy Giuliani’s.”
More from the Dallas Morning News after the jump.

News Friday, Jul 22 2011

Huffington Post: Scott Brown Taps Wall Street For Cash In Advance Of Possible Elizabeth Warren Challenge

On July 21, 2011, the Huffington Post reported:

As Democrats urge Elizabeth Warren, one of Wall Street's most public foes, to seek a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts next year, the financial industry is already throwing its support behind the seat's current occupant, Sen. Scott Brown (R), giving him nearly $315,000 in the most recent fundraising quarter.

News Friday, Jul 22 2011

Miami Herald: Feds investigate Congressman David Rivera on casino contract

On July 21, 2011, the Miami Herald reported:

Federal investigators have opened a second criminal probe of U.S. Rep. David Rivera, examining undisclosed payments from a Miami gambling enterprise to a company tied to the Republican congressman, The Miami Herald has learned.

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